The purpose of the Office of the Chancellor of Justice is to support the Chancellor of Justice and the Deputy Chancellor of Justice in their work. The Office of the Chancellor of Justice prepares matters to be decided by the Chancellor of Justice and performs other tasks within the Chancellor of Justice’s area of responsibility, such as tasks related to inspections and international cooperation. The Office of the Chancellor of Justice also acts as a centralised external reporting channel for whistleblower protection. The Office of the Chancellor of Justice is an independent office operating in connection with the Government.

The Office of the Chancellor of Justice is led by the Chancellor of Justice. The Secretary General manages the office’s internal operations and ensures its performance and development.

The Office of the Chancellor of Justice comprises the Department for Government Affairs, the Department for Legal Supervision, and the Administrative Unit.

The Department for Government Affairs deals with

  • supervision of the official duties of the Government, ministries, ministers and the President of the Republic
  • complaints concerning the Government, ministries and ministers
  • the supervision of advocates, public legal aid attorneys and licensed legal counsels
  • the preparation of EU affairs at the national level.

The Department for Legal Supervision deals with

  • complaints filed with the Chancellor of Justice other than those referred to above
  • the supervision of the courts of law and other matters concerning the supervision of lawfulness if these do not fall within the sphere of activities of the Department for Government Affairs
  • actions filed against judges and prosecutors
  • matters arising from the review of penalty judgments
  • matters concerning extraordinary appeals.

The Administrative Unit deals with the internal administration, financial affairs and human resources of the Office, and manages the Office’s registry and communications. The Administrative Unit also deals with tasks related to the Office’s centralised external reporting channel. The Administrative Unit also submits the annual report of the Chancellor of Justice to Parliament and the Government.

Both Departments and the Administrative Unit also prepare statements and deal with international issues.