Website cookies

Cookies are text files that your browser stores on your device when you visit a website. Cookies make it possible to store the user’s preferences, such as language choices, when the user moves from one page to another on the website. 

This website ( uses cookies that are necessary for the functioning of the website. Necessary cookies ensure the technical functioning of the website and are not used for other purposes. The website always uses a secure https connection.

The service providers are the Government Centre for Information and Communication Technologies Valtori and its contractual partners.

Necessary cookies


Cookies in the server environment, used to detect and prevent botnet and malicious traffic and attacks. Valid for 30 minutes/expires when the browsing session ends.


A publishing system cookie that stores information on whether or not users have enabled cookies in their browser settings. Valid for one year.


A publishing system cookie that stores information on users’ language preferences and preserves it for their next visit to the website. Valid for one year.


A publishing system cookie that describes users’ activity on the website and communicates information to the system about the number of active users. Expires when the browsing session ends.


A publishing system cookie that stores a timestamp for the user’s visit and ensures that their session can continue. Valid for one year.


Server environment cookies that improve the user experience by balancing server loads and ensuring that the user’s session can continue. The second cookie ensures that the website can function with the latest browser versions. Valid for one week.

Third-party applications

Links to social media services and share buttons on the website will not transmit any user information to the providers of these services, unless you click on these links and share buttons.

Third-party cookies can be allowed or blocked in the browser’s cookie settings.

Read more about cookies in the privacy statements of each service: